Testing room HV

HV test room

Testing laboratory E18, which is registered and inspected by the Association of Testing Laboratories, enables the provision of services in the area of periodic tests of protective equipment up to a nominal voltage of 245 kV and is part of the quality management system in Elektropomůcky Pardubice s.r.o according to ČSN EN ISO 9001.

The testing laboratory provides:

The performance of routine and periodic tests of protective and work aids for energy up to 245 kV according to PNE 359700: 2018 and valid AZVN methodologies.

Laboratory equipment:

  • MV test transformer TR HV 100 kV
  • source BAUR PGK 260 HB 184 kV
  • electronic kilovoltmeter kV-150-R Fišer 150 kV
  • microohmmeter CA6292 CHAUVIN ARNOUX
  • voltmeter Eli Metra Blansko
  • digital multimeter Extech MN16A + shunt
  • digital thermometer Voltcraft + external probe GOF 400 VE

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